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Image:Palais Grassi.jpg|thumb|Palazzo Grassi. Image:Palacio grassi lou.jpg|thumb|Palazzo Grassi. '''Palazzo Grassi''' (also known as the '''Palazzo Grassi-Stucky''') is an edifice in the Venetian Classical architecture|Classical style located on the Grand Canal of Venice|Grand Canal, between the Palazzo Moro Lin and the campo San Samuele, Venice|San Samuele, in Venice, Italy. It was designed by Giorgio Massari, and the building was completed between 1748 and 1772. The latecomer among the palaces on the Grand Canal of Venice, Palazzo Grassi has an academic classical style that is in contrast to the surrounding Byzantine architecture|Byzantine Romanesque architecture|Romanesque and Baroque architecture|Baroque Venetian palazzi. It has a formal palace fa├žade, constructed in white marble, and lacking the lower mercantile openings typical of many Venetian patrician palaces. The Grassi family sold...
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